|| Yagyopavita Dharan vidhi ||

Hear I am giving another vidhi for yagyopavita dharan which is most commanly used by all bramhans irrespective of there sects, shakhas.
I have confirmed that Paipaladins also uses this vidhi . The process given above is  authentic and std. for shaunak shakha.
I have seen some shaunka- shakhadhyayins using this vidhi due to lack of living tradition,paddhati granta, corruption in texts , not maintaining family tradition and lack of interest in atharva vediya karmas.
Bramhans belonging to atharva veda  are studying othere shakhas ,due to opportunity of income as they are majorly followed.Some paipaladins from Orrisa are learning Kanva shakha , Shaunkins from  Gujrat are learning Shukla yajurveda, In south, some are learning Taittariya shakha instead of there own shakha ( Shaunak & Paipalada  Atharva veda)
This vidhi is comman to all vedic bramhans , hence I am giving this.)
Perform Achmanam twice and pranayam thrice.
Perform samkalpam, then recite the following mantra for wearing  yagnopavit.Visarjan mantra for old yagyopavita is same.

yaGYopavIta dhArnaNa mantrasya prajApati R^ishiH, triShTupChandaH,
trayIvidyA devatA|
yaGYopavIta dhAraNe viniyogaH|

yaGYopavItaM paramaM pavitraM prajApateH yatsahajaM purastAt.h |
AyushyamagryaM pratimu~ncha shubhraM yaGYopavItaM balamastu tejaH ||

Discard old yagyopavita by following mantra

upavItam ChinnantuM jIrNam kashmala-dUshitaM |
visRjAmi punarbrahman.h varco dIrghAyurastu me ||

Perform Achmanam, do samarpanam.

Note : grahasta should again perform the above procedure for second yagyopavita. Add  the samkalpam lines as mama grahasta-AshramArthE dwitIyA yagyopavIta dhAran karIshyE.)

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4 thoughts on “|| Yagyopavita Dharan vidhi ||

    • Namasthe sir ,

      Sir ‘chinnatantu’ is pAtha bheda among group of panchadravida brahmans of north ( gujrat + maharashthra ), In south almost ‘bhinnatantum’ is pAtha but without sAstrapramA is it wise to declare one pAtha as correct and another as incorrect ?
      ( I encountered chinna pAtha too in yajurveda upAkarama by Oppiliappan Koil V. SaThakOpan Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan Mani Varadarajan Srirangam K. Lakshminarayanan )


      • namaskAraM

        Just saw your reply.

        I was objecting to pataprayoga of ChinnantuM

        chinnatantu(m) as found in your reply comment is acceptable pAtabhedha, but not ChinnantuM as found in article


  1. Similarly in south we do not say

    visRjAmi punarbrahman.h

    we say

    visRjAmi jale brahman.h

    As old yagyopavita normally discarded in water


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