॥ सौभाग्यदात्री धूमावती कवचम् ॥


धूमावती मुखं पातु  धूं धूं स्वाहास्वरूपिणी ।
ललाटे विजया पातु मालिनी नित्यसुन्दरी ॥१॥
कल्याणी ह्रदयपातु हसरीं नाभि देशके ।
सर्वांग पातु देवेशी निष्कला भगमालिना ॥२॥
सुपुण्यं कवचं दिव्यं यः पठेदभक्ति संयुतः ।
सौभाग्यमतुलं प्राप्य जाते देविपुरं ययौ ॥३॥

॥ श्री सौभाग्यधूमावतीकल्पोक्त धूमावतीकवचम् ॥

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Achmanam vidhi for Atharvans

Aachman is  one of basic and important rituals .It is prescribed by Vedas for sack of purification. it is performed prior to almost all other rituals.
Word Achman literary means swallowing water from Bramhatirtha by chanting mantra according to your Shakha .( sometimes mantra also differ due to sampradaya (sect) , Traditions  in north India uses ” svAhA” when they perform Achman  and traditions  in south India uses ” namaH “.)Achamanam generally precedes all  rituals, as it is necessary to be purified for the performance of all other major and minor rituals. However, various daily acts are also believed to invalidate one’s purity in the vedic tradition, and achamanam is to be performed in order to rectify this.There are various forms of Achamanam depending on Shakha , ascribes to and the context within which one is performing the ritual. The most common forms of Achamanam are the Srauta and SmArta  achamana, and they are the most generally practiced. The next most common is the puranic form, which is primarily practiced by Vaishnavites but is often appropriated by Shaivites and others as well. Pauranic achamana, which extends the sruata achamanam. First, the sruata achman is performed, and then it is extended to the purification of the chakras through the touching of certain fingers of the right hand to certain points on the face and body, along with mantras.
Aachman mantra for Atharva veda  ( Shaunaka shakha ) are given below.


Sit in squatting position , take some water in your hand , keep the thumb and small ( little ) finger away in this position. Now recite the following mantra and swallow water with each mantra.
Om. jIvA stha jIvyAsaM sarvamAyUrjIvyasaM || 1 ||

Om. UpajIvA sthaOp jIvyAsaM sarvamAyUrjIvyasaM || 2 ||

Om. SaMjIva stha SaM jIvyAsaM sarvamAyUrjIvyasaM || 3 ||

( now wash your hands and feet with following mantra and remove extra water from lips using thumb )

Om. JIvLA stha jIvyAsaM sarvamAyUrjIvyasaM || 4 ||

Now touch your heart with following mantra.

Om. Indra jIva suryA jIva dEva jIvA  jIvyAsaM sarvamAyUrjIvyasaM || 1 ||

This is the procedure of aachman used by Shaunak shakha Adhyayins. Paipaladins uses following mantra for aachman.

oM prANAya svAhA || 1 ||
oM apAnAya svAhA || 2 ||
oM vyAnAya svAhA || 3 ||

sprinkle water on head with
bhUrbhuvassuvaroM ||
This is the procedure used by paipaladins.

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