Rules for Bramhacharins

Rules in general, many more strictly supervised strictures are imposed on the Brahmachaaris, many of which may sound rather amusing for the present generation.
* After Veda studies till noon, perform” Upastthaanam “, carry “Danda” and go for “Bhiksha” (food got through begging).
* “Bhiksha” (such food) may be consumed with the permission of the “Guru“.
* Eat only out of plantain leaf – end or split piece, but not a middle piece.
* The left hand (fingers) should be touching the leaf throughout the period –
*  Must not remove the hand even for drinking water, which can be poured into the mouth by someone.
* Taboo : horse gram, Urad dhal, onion, asafoetida, red chillies, moringa-leaf curry, coconut oil, jaggery-milk mix, pop-rice kept in copper vessel, fennel (Foeniculum vulgare), honey, “Paanakam” with dried ginger, sugarcane juice, “Pappadam“, etc.
* Avoid everything that has “Asuddhi” (pollution).
* Do not talk while eating; if one must, then speak only in Sanskrit.
* Should not sleep during the day. If slept accidentally, take bath before “Sandhyaavandanam” and dinner.
* No diving into the pond.
* Don’t climb trees or on elephants. In other words, stay on the ground only.
* Do not wear long cloth / “Dhothi” / “veshthi“.
* Do not cross the “Desam” without “Danda” and kaupina (“Thorth”).
* The tuft of hair ( shikha )must be twisted and knotted.
* Smear forehead, etc. with ash.(tripundra dharan)
* No ornaments are to be worn.
* Do not chew pan, nor smoke.
* No make-up (“Alankaarams“).
* Do not look into the mirror.
* Do not use eye-liner / mascara.
* Do not utter bad words nor scold others.
* Should not look at the sun, other than during rituals like “Upastthaanam“, wearing new  sacred thread, etc.
* Do not bed with others.
* Do not look at animals and insects when they are mating; avoid them as enemies.
* Do not keep chatting with women.
* No dancing, no singing.
Do not make noise nor drum with finger nails.
* Do not hang around lazily.
* Do not tell lies.
* Do not hurt animals.
* Avoid anything that the  “Aachaarya” declares as not good.
* Except on holidays (anadhyaya ) and local temple festivals, recite the “Vedam“.
* Masturbation corrupts “Brahmacharyam“.
* It is during this “Brahmacharyam” that Veda learning is pursued; Veda is the basis for all the good that Braahmanans acquire.

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