Dhumavati tantra , Anga vidya and kalpas

Following 12 vidyas are the anga vidya of dhumavati .
Yet there are few sadhaks  who are devoted to smokey goddess.
Mostly shabar mantra of dhumavati is popular among sadhaks which is immediately siddhī giver.So it is rare in practice to get initiated in pure Shastriya and tantric manner for this Maha vidya .
Aghor and shabar mantras of dhumavati are mainly practiced due to immediate impact and fruit.Aghor and shabar mantras neither needs   viniyoga ,rishiyAdinayAsa
nor anga vidyas , only chanting them in manner your guru told is sufficient. One of such shabar mantra is Charpatbhanjan natha pranita mantra.   “धूम्रासपर्या कल्प पद्धति”
Is one of few paddhati granthas belonging to this mahavidya.
Dhumavati tantra , Dhumavati kalp , Dhumra kalp , dhumra- varahi tantra , portion of kalamrityu tantra are few authoritative granthas of this lore.
Note that there is no shiva ( concert ) for this mahavidya shakti is in widow and old form, but bhairava is mentioned there in aghor paddhati, Aghor bhairava (For Ugra karma )

( dhyana of aghor bhairava

त्रिपाद हस्त नयनं नीलांजनं चयोपमं,
शूलासि सूची हस्तं च घोर दंष्ट्राटट् हासिनम् ||

Mantra is धूं धूं अघोर रुद्राय नमः
Some times shabar aghor mantra is also used )
  and Kalabhairava ( for saumya karma ).
Mantra for kala bhairava is Dhum Dhum kalabhairavaya namah
List of anaga vidhyas are given below.
(1) Vīreśa
(2) VaTuka
(3) Shiva
(4) Pratyangirā
(5) Sharabheśvara
(6) Pāśupata astrā
(7) Samhārāstra
(8) Kukkutī
(9) Markalikā
(10) Māranī
(11) Tvaritā
(12) Kullukā pañcaka

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