Atharvan Samidha Adhana Prayoga

   || Samidha Adhanam ||

Only bramhacharis have to perform samidha adhana. Bramahcharis  should do it before  Kamokarshita  japam ( In actuality bramhachari should perform it on daily basis like all other nityakarma , sandhya vandan , savadhyaya  etc .But rarely modern bramchari performs it . )


Statement of intent to perform the ritual (Take three pinches of rice akshatas in the right hand and cover with the left hand.  Hold this while chanting the sankalpa, and offer into the homa  kunda.

MamottapattA samastA dUrItA ShayA dwArA SrI parmEshwar PrIthyArtham VicchInaAgni sandhAn ,Evam NityA samidhAadhan akaran PrayachIttA  PUrvak PrAtaH ( in case of evening add SAyam ) samidhAadhan KarIshyE.
Kindle the fire with following mantra.

Om Bhur-Bhuvah- Svar- Janad -Om

Now offer the ghee in kindled fire in large quantity or you may also offer samidha dipped in ghee with each mantra.
( According to Darila this mantras are for vicchinaagni sandhana  of bramhachari as mentioned by Kaushika sutra. )
( Shaunak || Brahti,Jagati,Trishtup,|| Agni )


Now perform Parisamuhan by this two mantra


Now perform ParyUkshan i.e.sprinkling water  with the hand in a fist, with palm facing downwards using following mantra.(×3)


Now offer one or three  samidhas with each mantra ( use svaha & agnaye na mama )


again do the paryukshan of agni with mantra used ( please refer to previous  )
Now wash your hand with following mantra.

  ( Sindhudwipa || Anustup || Apo )


Now perform Dhuma bhakshan with following mantra .

  ( Sindhudwipa || Anustup || Agni )


Now perform upasthanam of Agni dev seeking the wisdom ( Medha ) , Bramhavarchasa , teja , bala ( mental and physical power ).

* Hands should be in Namaskar mudra.
* Say ” Agni upasthanam karishye “.


Raksha dharan :

After upasthana , take some bhasma ( ash) from the agni kunda and wear tripundra as well as smear    bhasama on body limbs by reciting this mantra.

( Atharva || Anushtup || Mantrokta )


now say –


  ” Sri Parameshwar arpanmastu  “

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