Two lost grihya sutras of Atharva veda

Kaushika grihya sutra is the only sutra followed by Atharvavedins for Srauta and smarta rites. Beside Kaushika grihya sutra two more grihya sutra belongs to Atharva veda , namely
1) Paithinasa Grihya sutra
2) Agastya Grihya sutra
The evidence for there existence is traced in  Karmapanjika ( of Paithinasa Grihya sutra), Prapancha-Hridaya ( of Agastya Grihya sutra ) .

1) Paithinasa Grihya Sutra:

Compiler of Karmapanjika Srī Dhara quotes some sutras from paithinasa grihya sutra and States that the base for karmapanjika is paithinasa  sutra of Paipalada shakha belonging to Atharvan veda.This means that till the time Srī dhara,   paithinas sutra existed and Utkal bramhans (Orrisan bramhans ) were follower of this sutra , but with influence of time and dominating Yajurvedic schools ( Kanwa shakha of yajur veda ), this sutra got lost in darkness of time.
( My critic of Yajurvedic influence is true ,most of paipaladins have given up Atharvan shakha and are learning Kanwa shakha due to more opportunities of income from yajan-yAjan ).
But due to some dedicated Atharvan bramhans we posses” Karmapanjika “a paddhati grantha based on Paithinasa sutra.Yet in small number but, some atharvans are till the date studying Paipalada shakha and performs all rites and rituals  by the help of Karmapanjika.
Due to unavailability of date of Srī Dhara swamin we are unable to trace the date till which our sutra existed.

2) Agastya Grihya Sutra:

Prapancha- Hridya describes an another grihya sutra ( in quite pseudo manner belonging to atharvan veda paipplada shakha  in it’s ShAdanga Prakrana)
I’m unable to trace the author of the treatise Prapancha- Hridaya ,but  after studying it
critically it is clear that this grantha was compiled after the time of Bhatta Kumarila and Prabhakar .( i.e. after 7 th century )

According to description in this treatise ,Agastya muni compiled Agastya Grihya Sutra , which was having 7 chapter . It belongs to Paippalada shakha of Atharva veda. Even in it’s veda prakrana it describes a bramhana ( not gopatha bramhana ) with 8 chapters affiliated to Paippalada shakha . 



So these are few traces of this lost sutras.It is quite interesting to see that, both of these sutras belongs to Paipalada shakha . I think like kaushika sutra ( 4 shakhas of atharva veda follow it namely Shaunak,Bramhavada,Jalad,JAjal )  it is probability that some other lost shakhas also follow this two sutras.

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Paithinasi – Dharma shastra attributed to Atharva veda

Paithinas smriti famously known as Paithinasi is the dharma shastra belonging to Atharva veda . Yet Angirasa smriti , Aushnas smriti might also be considered as smriti texts belonging to Atharva veda.But after studying them critically I think there is  no direct relation of these two with Bramha veda.But in case of paithinasi ,it possesses direct relationship, it quotes mantras from samhita ( Both paipalada and Shaunak ) of Atharvan veda .
For example in Bramhachari khanda it indicates SamA Sinchatu…… [ A.S-7.33.1] mantra , which is   in both Atharvan samhitas .Even Kaushika sutra implies same mantra for paryukshan
before and after samidhaadhanm.
Even in Shraddha khanda it gives same vidhi as of Atharvan parishishtha  for shraddha .
The mantra Yad annadha…..
also belongs to Atharvan veda.
( The authorship of some atharvan parishishtha is also attributed to Paithinasa Acharya .)
yA dIvyA …. Mantra also belongs to Atharvan veda.
These are some examples.
According to my information lost paithinasi had 7 khandas and shlokas about 1000-1500. ( in anushtup meter mostly )
Some part ( partial fragments) of three khandas are known out of seven because we get  their fragments in dharmashastra- nibhandhas of medieval period .( Krityakalpataru , Dharmasindhu , HemAdri also known as Chaturvarga cintamani  , Viramitrodya , Smriti chandrika ). I have traced names of remaining khandas by the help of Karma-Panjika , Karma- Sammuchya, paipalad grihya paddhati these are paddhati grantas of paipalada atharva vedins used till date by Orrisan bramhans ( Utkal bramhans ).Karma panjika and Karma sammuchya also quotes sutras from Paithinasi Grihya sutra which is lost grihya sutra of Paipalada shakha. The Karmapañjikā (KP), a text whose existence  first taken note of by Bhattacharyya , has been used here and there, but has nowhere been discussed, by Bhattacharya in his edition of paipplada samhita ( Utkal patha or Orrisan patha ) PS 1-15. The KP claims to follow an otherwise lost Sūtra of paithinasa , and at several points quotes directly from this Sūtra. I have not yet been able to find any evidence about the author of the KP, Śrīdhara. Paithīnasi’s work referred to in the KP may have been a counterpart of the Kauśikasūtra of the Śaunaka Śākhā, i.e. a Grihyasūtra of the Paippalāda Śākhā, or an Atharvavedic Dharmasūtra (of the Paippalāda Śākhā). Confirmation of these interesting possibilities requires further intensive study.For example in vedavrata section of Karmapañjikā posses quotes from paithinasi.
“agnyādheyaṃ svadhāṃ caiva yajñadānavratāni ca | vedavrataṃ vṣotsargaṃ cūḍākaraṇamekhalā | māṅgalyam tatrādau śiṣyaḥ abhiṣekaṃ ca malamāse vivarjayed iti ǁ” This is a single example of fragment from Karmapañjikā . Karmapañjikā contains lots of fragments from samanya dharma & Paribhasha section of paithinasi .
A list of  names of seven khandas is given below .( It is not critical ,but  based on primary information, I am working on this treatise )

1) ParibhAshA Khanda
2) SAmAnya dharma khanda
3) BramhachArI khanda
4) Grahasta khanda
5) ShrAddha khanda
6) AdhikAra khanda
   (dAyabhAga khanda )
7) Prayachhita khanda

Authorship of these treaties  is attributed to” MaUslI putrA – PaithInasa “.Paithinasa acharya is described as An authority ( PurvA AcharyA ) in Kaushika sutra. I’m trying to collect all fragments of paithinasi and will publish this fragments under a title ” Paithinasi – revived again ”

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