Finding Dattatreya ……

Having left my home
kith less for you ,I roam
in search of  oh ! Dattatreya
son ! of Atri & Ansuya .

When I asked the the tree
have you seen the one who is free,
Tree said to me” I haven’t seen ”
I asked sky  have you seen him.

I asked Smokey dhuni devine
Have you seen datta digamabara of mine.
Flames of bliss said to me oh seeker
Search him inside and drink tattva  liquor.

Now I’m a drinker who drinks delight,
Finds datta in my heart full of light,
I was a fool searching him outside,
dhuni guided me to vision inside.

My eyes glows and words dance,
I’m glad to watch the inner romance.
My experiences sings the only song ,
Find datta inside , no need to roam………….

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