Atharvan Ganpati Suktam

Apart from the famous ganpati atharva shIrsha,atharvans also posses sukta dedicated  to ganpati from samhita portion.(A.S. 1.18.1-4 )
RishI for the ganapati sukta is dravinodA ( the one who is giver of wealth or the one who is granted wealth by lord ).This is only sukta by dravinodA rishI found in Saunaka samhita.
Deity of the sukta is vinAyaka ( in case of samputa by vakratUnda mantra deity is vakratUnda ganapati. )
Chhandas are described in viniyoga portion.
( dravinodA rishI || vinAyaka devatA || brahatI , jagatI , tristup , anushtup ChhandA)



The one who is red in colour  with a large stomach and moving ears,  sitting in padmAsan on a padmA  having three eyes and four arms holding pAsha , ankusha , abhaya and vara mudrA is to be meditate .


( I am giving the sukta in picture format due to reason of vedic svara and ease in saving picture. Below is it’s translation in English with devanAgari  transliteration )

निर् लक्ष्म्यं ललाम्यं निर् अरातिं सुवामसि । अथ या भद्रा तानि नः प्रजाया अरातिं नयामसि ।।1।।
We the worshippers remove the marks of ill fortune and by gress  of lord ( vinAyaka ) accepts the sign of fortune and wealth.

निर् अरणिं सविता साविषक् पदोर् निर् हस्तयोर् वरुणो मित्रो अर्यमा ।
निर् अस्मभ्यम् अनुमती रराणा प्रेमां देवा असाविषुः सौभगाय ।।2।।

Oh savitA ( Ganapati  described as savita” the creater” ) , varUna ( Ganapati described as “destroyer of sins “), aryamA ( sun in form of Ganapati as caretaker ) please remove the inauspicious signs and ill luck from our body parts( from tip of fingure to foot ) .Oh anumatI  ( siddhi and bhuddhi described )the motivater please remove the the obstacles and fulfill our wishes.
Rishi indirectly using qualitative names pray to ganapati and his shaktis .

यत् त आत्मनि तन्वां घोरम् अस्ति यद् वा केशेषु प्रतिचक्षणे वा ।
सर्वं तद् वाचाप हन्मो वयं देवस् त्वा सविता सूदयतु ।।3।।

Thou oh man ,by the power of lord ( vinayaka ) and mantra ,we remove the ill signs from your body, soul, hairs, eyes.Let Ganapati ( described as savita” the creater” ) inspire us. ( in good deeds )

रिश्यपदीं वृषदतीं गोषेधां विधमाम् उत ।
विलीढ्ह्यं ललाम्यं ता अस्मन् नाशयामसि ।।4।|

We remove by mantrabala the inauspicious signs of femal body having foot like dear , ox like teeth, posture of walking like cow ( vashA not genral cow ) , use of abusive words from oh femel thou.

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