Eternal Sound Of Veda

Blossoms of my heart dance in delight,
Eyes of mine glad in devine
When I use to hear on twilight,
The eternal sound of veda by bramhacharins.

Young bramchacharin reciting the sounds ,
filling my ears with melodic bliss,
recharging me , healing my wounds  .
Let my  cosmos chant  its my wish .

Chants of veda in archetype * and ectype * manner
recitied by pupils and achArya ,
fixed by sages of past  in same genre.
May this unbroken chain remains continues.

Sri Rudram , durga suktam and chants of ArUna flag* ,
pseudo recitation of nambothiri guys.
samaganas of JaminEyas and  Kauthumas , let me to glad,
reminds me the glory of immersed Suns rays .


* prakriti patha i.e. pada , samhita , krama
* vikriti patha i.e. danda, dhwaja, rekha, shikha, mala,jata , ghana etc
* Arun ketu i.e. 1 prapathaka of taittriya aranyaka

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