dAmar tantrokta siddha kunjikA stotra

The kunjikA stotra is famous tantric stotra which is recited with devImahAtmaya. According to different sampradAya ( tantric tradition ) and gurU paramparA ( master pupil lineage ) the text of stotra varies ,Same is true about devimahAtmaya .Most famous version is attributed to rudrayAmala .Besides rudrayAmala , Gauri tantrokta , dAmar tantrokta , kAlI tantrokta , baglA tantrokta and siddha sarasvatI tantrokta are some other versions of kunjikA stotra. In each version mainly mula mantra varies , some textual antiquity is also there with each .For example in kAlI tantrokta version dakshinkAlikA mantra and mahAkAla mantra are impregnated ( garbhasta ) with mAtrikA mantras .The following version is attributed to dAmar tantra .Followers of dAmar mArga ( dAmar patha , a tamsic branch of tantra mainly focusing on siddhI of yoginis and shudra devtAs ) uses this stotra for unlocking secretes of sapatashatI .Besides from present division of devImahAtmaya( attributed to kAtyAyanI tantra , bhuvneshvarI samhitA and guptAvatI commentary ) dAmar tantra have it’s own division of devimahAtmaya peculiar to dAmarmArgins.



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8 thoughts on “dAmar tantrokta siddha kunjikA stotra

  1. Sir,
    I have seen various kunjika stotra , since my childhood i have heard from my father this kunjika stotra which is exactly which is given above. Now my question is that which kunjika stotra is correct the one which i am chanting the one you have given above or the others so i am confused about it, because others are having SAME BIJ mantrAs but positioned differently.
    Thanks if you clear my doubt.


    • Namaste ,

      There are many versions of kunjikA stotra prevalent among different upasana mandalis and sampradayas so calling one version correct and another incorrect is not wise. Every version is correct in itself and serves a particular purpose , the mantras you mention belongs to a most common version of kunjika stotra and mostly published with chandi sapatashati . One should use version followed in his lineage ( so many people buy chandi book n starts recitation ) / deshAchara .



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