dhUmAvatI mAtrikA

      || अथ धुमावती मातृका ||



                || सुसंपूर्णम् ||

धूमावती महामाया धूमासुरनिसुदनी |
धूमरूपा महादेवी चतुर्वर्गप्रदायनी ||

“Goddess of smoke describing the  ‘mAyA
warning ‘jIva‘ from worldly hallucinations,
Showing patha of ‘parambramha ‘,
The gloomy form of ” mahAmAyA “.


She is often called tender-hearted and a bestower of boons. Maa is described as a great teacher, one who reveals ultimate knowledge of the universe, which is beyond the illusory divisions, like auspicious and inauspicious. Her ugly form teaches the devotee to look beyond the superficial, to look inwards and seek the inner truths of life.

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