kauThuma sAmavedaM yagnyopavIta dhArana prayoga

Following sAmaveda yagnyopavIta dhArana prayoga is employed by sAmavedIn brAhmans of my city UjjainI.( generally all families are kauThuma-shAkhAdhyAyI ).I was allowed to photograph some portions of there ritual manual ” sAmavedIyahnika “.The prayoga was published in 90’s ( in Banarasa from chaukhamba publications).The practice of scared tread is quite peculiar, prayoga first instructs of making yagnyopavIta then wearing it. Instead of ‘yagnyopavitaM…….’ they use mantra ‘yagnyopavItamasI……‘ for wearing and after achamanaM they recite the yagnyopavitaM…… mantra. The procedure was peculiar in comparison with other prayogams published in south India and drawn my attention. Even the sandhyavandan in prayoga book have larger deviation from south Indian kauThumas.



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