Kasmiri Pandit talks about Terror 

Reality behind secularism ‘ AtAtAyIn mallechAs’ ( yavans ) destroying brAhmans of kashmIra desha

Santosh Bhatt's Blog

By Jason kaul A Kashmiri Pandit.

Spot on ,Anita ji.I am a Kashmiri Pandit myself who is still living in Kashmir.

I was a student then and saw everything with my own eyes………how my community was driven out of Kashmir, their property looted and houses burnt down.

Pandits were murdered in cold blood .There was a notorious character called Bita Karate who took special pleasure in killing Pandits.

The popular slogan during those days was ‘Aeis banavav Pakistan, Batav varaiye Batnivav saan’

[we will make Pakistan without Pandits but with Pandit women]…….

All this happened before my very eyes.

So I am not the least surprised when I hear about atrocities done by taliban and other Muslim outfits.

This is true ugly face of Islam…….real Islam……..

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