khadagamAlA in kashmIra srIvidyA tradition

saktIsangaM tantra describes three schools of kulamArga  srIvidyA in bhAratvarsha .

1) kashmIra school ( with two subdivisions purvakaulikas and Uttarkaulikas  , prevalent in kashmIra , alive )

2) gauda school ( prevalent in banga desha , srI kula practically dead )

3) kerala school (  various subdivisions among nAmbothiris and nayyaras, prevalent in kerala , alive , meppada sampradAya is famous )

kashmIra was once famous for its kaula mArga srI vidyA ( kashmir sampradAya )and srI nagar was headquarter of kulamArga anuyAyIns.With attacks of AtAtAyIns and scarcity of eligible students kaula school faced a sudden decline.All mAheshwara Acharyas of kashmIra desha were  UpAsakas of srI vidyA ( secretly ).What we have today is some upAsakas in dark , fragment of some granthas and past glory.
kashmIra sampradAya worship srI chakra in samhAra krama. In samhAra karma, each devI is worshiped and is absorbed into the next devI , and it continues until we reach srI kalilA, in whom, by that time, all the devI will be absorbed.

khadaga mAlA is famous mAla mantra used for srI chakra archana , different sampradAyas have variations in archanA krama and text of it .It is not merely a stotra or a hymn but is a mAlA mantra which invokes srI kAmeshvarI along with all her Avarana devtA ,it is a very powerful invocation for srI chakra worship. There are many variations based on different tantras and sampradAya bheda. Even the number of letters in mAlA is calculated differently based on different readings of the mAlA , again due to sampradAya bheda and also depending on whether the mAlA is chanted for kAmya or nishkAmaya purpose. pATha bheda depends upon one’s own samprayadAya , grantha it follows and finally on gurU krama.Following is khadaga mAla archana prayoga based on kashmIra sampradAya.





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