3 thoughts on “jwAlAmAlinI stotra

  1. Sir, thanks for this rare jwalamalini stotra.
    In the first line of 6th sloka, that is,
    Ham Jham “JHVEEM” “KSHVEEM” sa hamsah ……….
    Ham Jham “JHTREEM” “KSHTREEM” sa hamsah ……….
    which one among the above is correct sir. Please clarify this beejaakshar. Thank you


  2. Hello sir, your contribution towards sanatana dharma is really appreciable.
    In the above Jvalamalini stotra, in the 6th sloka, in the first line i.e,
    Ham Jham JHVEEM KSHVEEM sa hamsah ……….
    Ham Jham JHTREEM KSHTREEM sa hamsah ………
    Please clarify the above confusion, which one among this is correct. Thank you


    • Namaste ,

      Thankyou sir for appriciation
      १st line of 6th verse reads
      हां झां झ्वीं क्ष्वीं …..( iast – hāṃ jhāṃ jhvīṃ kṣvīṃ ….)



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