sukla yajurveda sandhyAvandana prayoga

White yajurveda or
suklayajurveda ‘ is densely followed veda shAkhA in North India .With time rituals and ritual manuals ( prayogaM and paddhatI ) of vAjasaneyas changed , fancy manuals ( inauthentic elaborate rituals composed by priest class for more earning ) replaced pAraskara sutra , kAtIya parishisTha and yAgnavalkya smrutI based manuals .Such authentic and authority prayogaM and paddhatI books are either out of print or in possession of some old vAjasaneyas . Those who want to teach authentic prayogaM and Ahnika as nitya adhyayana ( study of veda without desire as duty of brAhman ) at their home lacks students and pAthasAlAs with fancy prayogaMs are full ( as they teach how to graspe dakshinA on behalf of ritual
). For example ,in our city before 75 years ‘ Anhika sutravalI ‘ ( which is an authentic and authority granTha ) was followed, then priests and commoners started using ‘ bramhakarma sammuchaya ‘( a fancy and inauthentic granTha which even lacks aupAsana homa , agnihotra , sthAlipAka prayoga and aparkarma prayogas ) now all are using ‘nityakarma puja prakAsha ‘ ( inauthentic in sense of pramAna from sutra ) .All this fancy manuals contains elaborate rites and rituals even each have unique sandhyA prayogaMs based on none .The actual sandhyA according to kAtIya sutra don’t take more than 20 minutes ( Assuming 108 gAyatrI japaM ) and sandhyA in this manuals are so bulky that they consumes single hour .Due to such reasons many have given up their vedic practices .To restored Authentic vedic practic of shuklayajurveda my next posts will be on some authentic prayogaMs ( of course with pramAna ) word by word following pAraskara sutra.



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13 thoughts on “sukla yajurveda sandhyAvandana prayoga

    • Namaste Sir ,

      In your abhivAdaye you yourself mentioned of Apastamba sutra .And As this sutra belongs to krishna yajurveda it is clear that you belongs to krishna yajurveda .If a persons abhivAdaye mentions of kAtyAyana or baijavApa sutra then only he belongs to shukla yajurveda. Or best way to know of your veda is either family Elders or your gurU or priest ( If I’m not wrong Tamizh word is vAdhyAra ) who will tell , to which veda and specific veda shAkhA you belongs .


    • Namaste sir ,

      Katyayana Shuklayaju sandhya prayoga is taken from’ bramhakarma samucchaya ‘ ( uploaded at Internet Archive ), nirAgnika aupAsana homa is taken from book of gita press ( found a pdf at Nepali website ) since book don’t mentions any pramAna so I’m uploading it with pramAna from ‘ kAtiya purshtodiviti vidhAna sutra ‘and English explanation ( under editing only images uploaded).agnihotra prayoga and aupAsana prayoga ( sAkgnika one ) + devai mantra are taken from ‘anhika sutravali ‘ ( a copy of the books is in my possession using cam scanner I uploaded them ).further explanations and pramAnas are yet to added up in posts , at present they are incomplete .When work will be completed I will notify everyone by mail on sanskrit group and advaita group.

      Actually sir my aim for posting them again is ease for seekers and to present authentic ( prayoga ,line by line matching to srauta+ grihya + parishishtha sutra ) prayogams .In modern prayoga books these all are loosing there place my aim is to present and preserve such prayoga digitally .


    • Namaste ,
      I personally believe devnAgri is best n original script for vedic mantras so I’m sticky to tradition. Another thing I publish outlines only, actual prayoga one should learn from guru only.


  1. Hi Animesh,
    Does the sandhyopasan sequence change with the Sutra ?
    I belong to the Katyayan Sutra of Bharadwaj Gotra and would request if you can point me to the authentic sequence and practice for Madhyandeniya shaka, katyayan Sutra followers.
    Amit Lohumi


    • Namaste ,
      Yes the sequence of Sandhya changes with sutra . The prayoga in post is authentic one to be used by madhyandina Shukla yajurvedins . If you wish to check Mula grantha go through” कातिय सन्ध्यापरिशिष्ट”.


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