शुक्लयजुर्वेदीय देवे मंत्रा:

Only mahArAshTra based shuklayajurvedIns uses this mantras in pushpAnjalI ( mantra pushpaM ) .In present even among them rarely full mantras are recited. Out of complete 23 mantras only 7 mantras are recited presently .These mantras are called deve because they are addressed to vishvedevtas ( all gods ) and all mantras of ‘deve collection‘ have word ‘devA’ in them .Modern vAjasaneyA employs only following mantras –
1) गणानांत्वा०
2) अम्बेअम्बिके ०
3) यज्ञेनयज्ञ०
5) स्वस्तिसम्राज्यम् ०
6)विश्वत ०
7) इष्ट गायत्री

And glimpse of past glory is :-




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