kAThaka purUsha suktaM

purUsha suktaM is one of most celebrated vedic hymn employed densely in any vedic ritual . It is recited in almost all Vedic rituals and ceremonies. The purUsha suktaM is an important part of the rig-veda ( It also appears in the taittirIya Aranyaka (3.12,13), the vAjasaneyI samhitA (31.1-6), the sAmaveda samhitA (6.4), and the aTharvaveda samhitA (19.6). An explanation of parts of it can also be found in the shatapaTha, taittirIya , and shvetAshwatara brAhmana. Like any other veda shAkhA , kAThaka shAkhA too have purUsha suktaM. This sukta is housed in purUshamedhaM of kAThaka shAkhA.The sukta is in anushtuba and trishtup meters , vishvAtma purUsha ( virAta purUsha , vishvarUpa ) is deity and nArAyana is rishI.( kAThaks first recite meter then deity and then the seer of any mantra , this is standard format of viniyoga for them ).Like any other veda shAkhA it is one of important suktas of kAThaka shAkhA. In srauta context it is used in  purUshamedhaM .In grihya context it is used as  UpasThana sukta in sandhyA , also employed in devtArchana and abhishekaM of any male deity. First published edition of kAThaka purUsha suktaM was in ‘kAThaka samkalan’ of suryakAnta.




1) ्ं  /gum/ is missing in the text , neither marked nor recited in modern recitations.

2) purUshmedhaM is not found in samhitA portion ( probably in kAThaka brAhman which is lost. )

3) svars were lost at early stag so it is recited in ekashrutI mode.


Handwritten sandhyA manual of swAmI lakshman joo.( His handwriting )

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