A list of some lost brAhmans.

From the infinite time our vedic tradition considered the brAhmans granThas as veda . All maharshis of our glorious tradition declared ” mantrabrAhmanyOvedAnAmadheya ” and ” mantrabrAhmanaM veda ityAchakshatE “. Even in modern time excluding indologists and  follower of dayAnanda saraswatI , for all adherents of vedic tradition brAhmans too are veda. Here I’m writing a short list ( vedA wise ) of some lost brAhmans, . This list is traditional at all  and uncritical from indologist point of view. This list of lost brAhmans is based on the quotations quoted from this brahmans in commentaries ( bhAshya )  on several vedic texts. Also I have included brAhmans granThas which were mentioned in vedic texts , shrauta sutras , grihya sutras and bhAshyas . Although our glorious tradition had 1000s of brAhmans but most of them are lost , this list covers names of those brAhmans which are mentioned or quoted. Defiantly many fragments of this brAhmans  are still available  and some are published like kAthaka samkalana ( A collection of fragments of kAThaka brAhmans ).

(A) rigvediya brAhmans

(1) paiNgI brAhman
(2) maudgalya brAhman
(3) brahavRicha brAhman

(B) yajurvedIya brAhman

(B.1) shukla yajurvedIya brAhmans

(1) vAjasaneya brAhman
(2) jAbAla brAhman
(3) gAlawa brAhman
(4) vaijvApA brAhman

(B.2) krishnayajurveda brAhmans

(1) charaka brAhman
(2) kAThaka brAhman
(3) maitrAyanI brAhman
(4) shvetAshwatara brAhman
(5) kAndikeyI brAhman
(6) AukheyI brAhman
(7) kaNkatI brAhman
(8) kApya brAhman
(9) kapishThala kaTha brAhman
(10) AhavAraka brAhman
(11) hArIdrAvika maitrAyanI brAhman
(12) vAdhula brAhman

(C) sAmavedIya brAhmans

(1) bhAllaveya brAhman
(2) shAtyAyana brAhman
(3) kAlAvI brAhman
(4) tumburU brAhman
(5) Aruneya brAhman
(6) sailAlavI brAhman
(7) shAradUla brAhman
(8) pArAshara brAhman
(9) mAshasharAvI brAhman
(10)  saulabhA brAhman
(11) Nenjamesha brAhman

(D) aTharvanvedIya brAhman

(1) paippalAda brAhman
(2) gopaTha brAhman ( of 100 chapters )

द्विविधं ब्राह्मणं । कर्मब्राह्मणं कल्पब्राह्मणम् चेति । भाषास्वरो ब्राह्मणो प्रवृत्त :॥

Sources and references :-

(1) ShankhAyana shrauta sutra ( mUlaM )
(2) AshvAlayana shrauta sutra ( sa bhAshya )
(3) baudhAyana shrauta sutra ( with two bhAshyas )
(4) satyAshADha shrauta sutra ( with bhAshya of mahAdeva )
(5) vAdhula shrauta sutra
( mUlaM )
(6) drahyAyana shrauta sutra
( mUlaM )
(7)  kAtyAyana shrauta sutra
( with two bhAshyas )
(8) tandaya mahAbrAhman
(9) brahma sutra
( shANkara bhAshya )
(10) baudhyana grihya sutra
(11) gautama dharama sutra

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4 thoughts on “A list of some lost brAhmans.

  1. Thank you, Animesh. Your posts are very nice (though, if you don’t mind me saying, i don’t think you should put mantrA-s relating to, say, श्रीविद्या online).

    1) I am curious as to the source of the verses in the image: द्विविधं ब्राह्मणम् । etc. just below point D 2). Could you please let me know.

    2) Is there a typo here: “. This list is tradition at all..”


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