RAjNI stotra 

Wikipedia mentions :”rAjNI devi Maharagya was pleased with the devotion of Ravana and appeared before him and Ravana got an image of the Goddess installed in Sri Lanka. However, the Goddess became displeased with the vicious and licentious life of Ravana and so didn’t want to stay in Sri Lanka. Therefore, she is believed to have instructed Lord Hanuman to get the image from Sri Lanka and install it at the holy spot of Tul Mull. 

Though Ragniya is a Rupa of Durga, this one is a Vaishnav Rupa in Kashmir Ragniya is also known as Tripura, while in (Sri) Lanka, the Mother Goddess was called Shayama. Sita too, is believed to have been an incarnation of Ragniya. Ragniya Mahatmya has it that those who meditate on Panch Dashi Mantra during Nav-reh, Mother Ragniya grants their wish.”

JwAlAmukhI stotra 

Dear all I’m sharing a stotra of  goddess jwAlAmukhI . The stotra is of kashmiri origin. jwAlAmukhI devi is kula devtA & istha devtA to many kashmiri and sAraswata brAhmans .There is pañchANga of jwAlamukhI in devI rahasya tantra.  Two famous pithas are there for jwAlamukhI devI are :-

(1) JvAlamukhI saktipitha  -The best known JwAla Ji shrine is located in the lower Himalayas in JvAlamukhI town of the Kangra districtof Himachal Pradesh state of India, about 55 kilometers from the larger town of Dharamsala.

Jwalamukhi idol in khrew

(2) Khrew-JvAlamukhi saktipitha:-  Khrew-JvAlamukhi  is also  an important temple of Kashmiri Pandits.It is a temple which is dedicated to Jawala Bhagwati ” the Goddess of fire“. 

Jwala bhagavati temple khrew (Kashmir)

This jwalAmukhI  stotra is still recited in many kashmiri pandit families and is assumed to be kshipra siddhiprada stotra. This stotra can be used to counter abhichara also .