॥ siddhikubjikA suktaM ॥

In mahAshamshAna of Avanti hence spoke mahAbhairava to disciples ” Now we shall disclose a suKta of kubjikA which procures accomplishment in the six rites of tantra. UpAsaka after fasting for 3 days and night , he should silently seat himself on corpse ,turning his face towards the direction of kubjasundarI , recite this hymn of kubjikA for a hundred*ten times . Then his ambitions are realized ,all his ritual acts of Shatakarama , as a godman he roams through heaven ,mortal world and nether world , he roams in the sky ,who know thus . If anyone who does not know the real meaning commence ritual practices by neglicence or greed ,he will be confronted with contrary results , he meets with death or become crazy .UpAsaka of pashchimAmnAya , descendent of parAshara clan and a teacher of shaunaka and paippalAda shAkhA as taught in AV is only adhikArI for recital of secrete suKta of kubjikA . “

॥ अथ सिद्धिकुब्जिकासुक्तम् ॥

(कुब्जप्रणवं ) कुब्ज: श्रोत्रियमाप्नोति कुब्जैकं परमेष्ठिनम् । कुब्जैकमग्निपुरुषो कुब्ज: सम्वत्सरं ममे ॥१॥ कुब्जेदमनुक्षयति कुब्जदेवजनैर्विष: । कुब्जैकमन्यं नक्षत्रं कुब्जिका सत्यमुच्यते ॥२॥ द्यौ: पिता कुब्जिका सत्यमाता मृत्युर्दहति देवि भद्रम् । भद्रं वद कुब्जिके त्वं भद्रं नित्यं कुरुष्व मे ॥३॥ कुब्जिकापरं युज्यतां कुब्जपूर्वं कुब्जिकान्ततो मध्यतो ब्रह्मकुब्जिका ॥४॥

॥ इत्यथर्वणरहस्ये महाकुब्जिकाकाण्डे सिद्धिकुब्जिकासुक्तम् ॥