laugAkShI shikShA is sermon by laugAkShI maharShi
on varNAshramadharma & AchAra for kaThashAkhinuyAyi vipravarga (brAhmaNas who are followers of kRRiShNayajurveda kaThashAkhA = kashmIrIpaNDita ).This seems to be part of larger corpus ” laugAkShI dharmasUtram “which is no longer available .laugAkShI shikShA have 3 parts .
1. shaucha shikShA– This part deals with cleaness and daily rituals like sandhyA , tarpaNa & bhojanavidhi .
2. vrata shikShA– This portion of laugAkShIshikShA
deals with rules & regulations to be followed by young initiate (brahmachArI) with discription of avakirNIprAyashchitta . This is atonment rite one need to perform when one fails to observe celebacy .
3. Achara shikShA– This part deals with the moral chode of conduct an young initiate need to observe .

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