A verse from karpUrama~njarI

karpUrama~njarI is an experimental drama written in shaurasenI prAkRRita around 900 CE by mahAkavi rAjashekhara . The early mediaeval period of Indian history was time , when many tantric sects rose to prominence . They were both subject of fear and reverence in Indian society . Dramatists too were part of that society , so most of them choose to potray a fearsome image of kApAlikas.This work is unique in many sense. In contrast with Indian tradition of Sanskrit drama,it is written in pure prAkRRita. Second important point to notice about this drama is, it potrayes a positive image of kApAlika ascetic while other dramatists of that time potrayed a negetive and fearsome image of kApAlikas to there subjects. mAlatImAdhava ,harShacharitra mattavilAsaprahasana and yashastilaka are examples of such dramas. In pandemic time , while going through the karpUrama~njarI , a prAkRRita verse attracted my attention.This verse is invocation to goddess chAmuNDA .

kAlassa purANaruhirasuram ।jaadi piantI chaNDI parameTThikavAlachasaeNa ॥

Sanskrit ChAyA of this sloka will be like

kAlasya purANarudhirasurAm ।
jayati pibantI chaNDI parameShThI kapAlachashakeNa ॥

” Praise to godess chaNDikA who drinks alcohol of life from skull of brahmA , in mahAkAlarudra’s palace of destruction. “

This verse praises fearsome form of mother divine chAmuNDA who is drinking blood and alcohol from skull of brahmA during the final distruction of Universe.Why This verse attracted my attention is because this verse have multiple secrate meanings.This verse can be interpreted in light of krama doctrine ,kula doctrine and Tantra doctrine. I’m not interpretating whole verse but pointing out some words and hidden aspects encapsulated in them .

chaNDI = kuNDalinI,chaNDakApAlini, chAmuNDA ,kAlasaNkarShiNI
kapAlachashaka= Skull cup,kAdya, brahmarandhra, VirapAtra
kalpANtakelibhavan = mahAshmashAna, Final yogic State of assimilation , Plain of mahAbhairava where he destroys everything in universe
rudhirasurAm = brahmarasa, nector falling from sahasrAra , chandrAmRRita , Blood and Alcohol,Life force of universe, PashUtA
parameShThI =brahmA , creater of impure universe , propagator of pashushAstra,हूँ सर्वसंहारिणीमहाचण्डेकापालिनीपादुकां पूजयामि॥

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