kulavAgIshvarI is a deity of uttarAmnAya the northern currents, belonging to kulasampradAya and early traipurasampradAya . She was one of main four deities of early traipurakrama of kashmIra .Her worship is very rare this days, almost forgotten in present traipurasampradAya .

As per some scholars, cult of kulavAgIshvarI originated in kulagrAma (present Kulgama)of Kashmir and later transmitted to qualified upAsakAs in Northern India. As per another group of scholars ,cult of kulavAgIshvarI originated in uDDiyANapITha, while kulagrAma was one of main centre of kulavAgIshvarI cult. To prove this testimony a temple of bhagavatI kulavAgIshvarI still stand in kulagrAma. Jihadists tried to sack down this temple but there attempts failed. The temple still stands in heart of kulagrAma .An aniconic from of godess kulavAgIshvarI is installed in temple . This aniconic from of godess is covered in vermilion.

dakShiNAmUrti is RiShi (seer) of her mantra with paNkti meter. Her main vidyA is of sixteen laters.Another twenty four later mantra is used for her worship.She is worshiped on kadambalagolapITha a highly secret pitha of kulasampradAya. Her gurumaNDala consists of five divyaugha gurus, three siddhaughagurus and fourteen manavaugha gurus.Her yantra have five circuit (AvaraNas).
She is invoked to gain intellect , mastery over poetics and for knowledge of lost and hidden scriptures. Her samayavidyA is also of sixteen laters deployed for fulfilment of worship .
famous Kashmirian Anandakaula composed a paddhati for her worship , which still survives amongst close group of upAsakas who were initiated in her upAsanA krama .

devIM kadambavanagAmaruNa trikoNasaMsthAM sitAM sitavarAmbujakarNikAsthAm । satpustakAkShavalayAnvitapANipadmAM vAgIshvarIM kulaguruM praNamAmi nityam ॥
ह्रीँ श्रीँ कुलवागीश्वरीअम्बा पादुकां पूजयामि ॥

2 thoughts on “kulavAgIshvarI

  1. Sir,
    Earlier I requested you to write up a blog on Atharvavediya Kalasha Sthapan and Panchamrita Mantra…I do repeat the same request. Moreover, I will be highly obliged if you please give the diagram of Rekhakaranam in Atharvavediya Kushandika.


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