To kAlI , tArA and sundarI

Fool like mine tries to praise you,
is it wonder or your grace ?
Courage of mine with words that are few
is nothing but my love for thee !

Standing on corpse shiva
Oh kAlI , mother of rAmakrishna
Dressed with garland of alphabets ,
I have devine vision of thee

Oh , blue complexion goddess tArA
Mother of vAmAkhepA
dancing in fearful shamshAna,
I have devine vision of thee

Oh queen of kAmeshwara sundarI
mother of ‘shankara
Sitting on the throne of panchapreta
I have devine vision of thee

My eyes glitters when I sing praise of thee ,
When thy devine grace will be on me .

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Eternal Sound Of Veda

Blossoms of my heart dance in delight,
Eyes of mine glad in devine
When I use to hear on twilight,
The eternal sound of veda by bramhacharins.

Young bramchacharin reciting the sounds ,
filling my ears with melodic bliss,
recharging me , healing my wounds  .
Let my  cosmos chant  its my wish .

Chants of veda in archetype * and ectype * manner
recitied by pupils and achArya ,
fixed by sages of past  in same genre.
May this unbroken chain remains continues.

Sri Rudram , durga suktam and chants of ArUna flag* ,
pseudo recitation of nambothiri guys.
samaganas of JaminEyas and  Kauthumas , let me to glad,
reminds me the glory of immersed Suns rays .


* prakriti patha i.e. pada , samhita , krama
* vikriti patha i.e. danda, dhwaja, rekha, shikha, mala,jata , ghana etc
* Arun ketu i.e. 1 prapathaka of taittriya aranyaka

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Finding Dattatreya ……

Having left my home
kith less for you ,I roam
in search of  oh ! Dattatreya
son ! of Atri & Ansuya .

When I asked the the tree
have you seen the one who is free,
Tree said to me” I haven’t seen ”
I asked sky  have you seen him.

I asked Smokey dhuni devine
Have you seen datta digamabara of mine.
Flames of bliss said to me oh seeker
Search him inside and drink tattva  liquor.

Now I’m a drinker who drinks delight,
Finds datta in my heart full of light,
I was a fool searching him outside,
dhuni guided me to vision inside.

My eyes glows and words dance,
I’m glad to watch the inner romance.
My experiences sings the only song ,
Find datta inside , no need to roam………….

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My shaded eyes glitter again,
Trees of thought grows again,
Broken heart blows again,
Path of mine is defined again,
Rain of bliss falls again,
Waves of ecstasy moves again,
Face of mine charms again,
Words of mine Ames again ,
Strength in war of world I gain again,
Learning from my failures I try again,
When I watch you oh Avdhoot I starts again.
Vision of your lotus feet is so devine,
Remover of my pain ,

I starts again roam again and achieve again………..

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Ecstasy of droplets

My heart glad ,when it rains
Winds of  ecstasy,Blows in thy world.
With bliss and joy for me
Thou,remover of  my pain…..

Tiny droplets dancing in bliss,
Showing your grace to world.
Oh rain!Remover of sufferings,
Be always in my heart ,it is my wish…..

Sound of yours is too devine,
Like voice of god in a silent manner.
Ultimate bliss to earth oh!rain
Showing love of him for mine…..

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Series of Emotion

My heart possesses emotions,
feelings that are left unsaid.
The person of love is faraway and I have to wait,

Glittering eyes full with love,heart beating with ballot of olds.
Lips waiting for  wine of love, awaiting her hands to be hold,

Breathing more deeper love,
Endless time with series of emotion,
Thou oh my sweet beloved , I have feeling ” My love is my devotion.”

To be with her is my religion
dear beloved you are my devine ,
Love is my nationality, emotions and feelings are  race of mine.

Do you know ? how am I awaiting for little bit voice of yours.
charming face and love for mine. I’m missing you with eyes full of tears.

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