A fragment from paippalAda brAhman

A small fragment from lost paippalAda brAhman preserved in vedavrata section of karmapañjIkA . This fragment describes  a myth about madakarma , how a rishI obtained this kama form gods . madakarma is a special vedavrata rite ,where homas are performed by different ‘rasas ‘ by AchArya and young initiate ( bramhachArin ).Aim of this karma is to achieve  all bhutas, devas and lokas.( i.e. ownershipon all bhutas, devas and lokas )

अथ मदकर्मब्राह्मणम् ।

आह पार्थिवस्येति  महामन्र्षिर्आसीत्सअहरहः स्वाध्यायाध्ययनेन कीलालेन हुतेन चा हस्म देवान्मन्त्रं  महर्षयो अभिषिञ्चन्सो अभिषिक्तः सोमम् उपजहार तं सुराकीलालपोष:प्रजापतिः प्रतिकालिश्वर्त्त अध्यगन् तं इन्द्रः सोमसुखो भूत्वाध्यगच्छन्तं होवाच वरं वृणीष्वेति स वरम्अव्वृणीत सर्वेषां भूतानां सर्वेषां देवानां सर्वेषां लोकानाम् अधिपतिः स्यामि स तस्मै मदकर्म प्रोवाच , सर्वेषां भूतानां सर्वेषां देवानां सर्वेषां लोकानाम् अधिपतिर्बभूव  य इच्छेत्सर्वेषां भूतानां मध्ये अधिपति: स्यामि स एतन्मद कर्द्व्यर्च्चैर्दर्च्चैर्द्वर्चै:इ.मं?( एतन्मदकर्म कर्तव्यम् उच्चै ऋचम् )
कुर्याद् इति ब्राह्मणं ǁ ० ǁ

PaippalAda rishI , teaching atharvanI shurtI to bramhachArins

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Traces of lost paippalAda brAhman

Today we have only samhitA portion of paippalAda shAkhA. There are few traces of lost brAhman portion . It was also known as paippalAda gopatha brAhman / paippalAda brAhman .
Even srI sankarAcharya quotes a mantra from lost brAhman / lost aranyaka portion of paippalAda shAkhA in his bramhasutra bhAshya .
[ bramha sutra 3.3.25 ]

( The last phrase of mantra is traced at PS 1.76.4cd  but that’s not upanishada Arambha .)
At another instance he made  citation from paippalAda samhitA.( 8.9.11 )


From this two example it is clear that till the time of Acharya  , paippalAda shAkhA was studied with brAhman and Aranyaka bhAga and  srI shankarAcharya  was familiar with it. Next to him venkata mAdhava ( commentator of rig veda ) in his rigvedAnukramAnI , referred to paippalAda brAhman.

( rigvedAnukrmAni 5.10-12)

” SrI dhara” who is author ( prayoga+ paddhati kAra of paippalAda shAkhA ) of  “karmapanjikA ” quoted many untraceable verses from  gopatha brAhman .” My opinion is that  they are from lost paippalAda brAhman .”
( Some verses quoted  on behalf of Gopatha , are traced in atharvaveda parishishTha. )


For example a “madakarma brAhmanquoted in vedavrata section of karmapanjikA  is untraceable , I think it belongs to lost paippalAda brAhman.

mada karma brAhman from karmapanjikA

A treatise “prapapanch hridaya ” of unknown authorship also informs us of paippalAda brAhman.


paippalAda shAkhA ( samhitA ) have 20 kAndas , which have riks and yajus , where yajus  are in majority. Total number of mantras are 12,300.The paippalAda brAhman have 8 adhyAyas , containing explanation of divya ( adhbhutAni ) , sAmpradAyika ( of yagniks i.e. of vedic sacrifices ) ,prAyachhita ( atonement ) , abhichAra ( mantric attack ).”

BramhAnda purana also informs us of paippalAda BrAhman.

The caranvyUha upanishad of paippalAda shAkhA also describes the paippalAda brAhman.

On the basis of all this pramAns ( proofs ) following are my hypothetical conclusion on lost paippalAda brAhman .
paippalAda brAhman contains 100 prapAthaks within the 8 adhyAyas ( chapters ) and is divided in 2 bramhans i.e. purva brAhman and Uttara brAhman .The total number of kandikAs are 5000 , in which 1000 are mantras ( riks ) and remaining 4000 are brAhmanical prose .It covers following four subjects .
1) divya ( adhbhutAni )

2) sAmpradAyika ( explanation of vedic sacrifices , upanishads like prashna etc belongs to this section .)

3) prAyachhita ( atonement during any unfavorable condition )

4) abhichAra ( mantric attack ). ”

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