अथर्ववेदीय एनस मंत्राः (शकल होम मंत्राः)

‘एन’ means sin and since this mantras are remover of एन hence they are called as एनस मंत्राः .( doubtful explanation ?
)Also these are known as शकल होम मंत्राः becaus शकल ( twig or samidhA ) is offered in agni by this mantras.
These are housed in atharvavedIya version of mahAnArayan Upnishada. If any of panchamahA pAtaka or UpapAtaka is committed by an atharvan than he should offer twigs dipped in ghee to his aupAsana agnI or In laukika agnI by these mantras .If he had installed three scared fire then he should offer twigs dipped in ghee to ‘gArhpatya agnI’ after prAtar homa or purnAhutI with अग्नये एननाशकाय स्वाहा॥ and should perform UpasThanaM of agnI again . After performing purva-tantra , atharvan should offer samidhA of either shAnta vrUksha  ( pacifying tree’s twigs ) or ghora vrUksha ( terrifying tree’s twigs ) dipped in ghee with these mantras.


( अथर्वा वा प्रजापतिस्य आर्षम्। मंत्रोक्त देवता )

ॐ देवकृतस्यैनसोऽवयजनमसि स्वाहा  ।। 
ॐ मनुष्यकृतस्यैनसोऽवयजनमसि स्वाहा ॥
ॐ पितृकृतस्यैनसोऽवयजनमसि स्वाहा  ॥
ॐ आत्मकृतस्यैनसोऽवयजनमसि स्वाहा ॥ ॐ अन्यकृतस्यैनसोऽवयजनमसि स्वाहा ॥ 
ॐयद्दिवाचनक्तं चैनश्चकृमतस्यावयजनमसि स्वाहा  ॥
ॐयद्विद्वांसश्चाविद्वांसश्चैनश्चकृमतस्यावयजनमसि स्वाहा ॥ 
ॐ यच्चाहमेनो विद्वांसश्चाविद्वांसश्चैनश्चकृम तस्यावयजनमसि स्वाहा ॥
ॐ यत्स्वपन्तश्च जाग्रतश्चैनश्चकृम तस्यावयजनमसि स्वाहा ॥
 ॐ यत्सुषुप्तश्चजाग्रतश्चैनश्चकृम तस्यावयजनमसि स्वाहा ॥
ॐ एनस एनसोऽवयजनमसि स्वाहा  ॥

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