|| अष्टमुखगण्डभेरुण्डनृसिंह स्तव: ||

The UpAsana of ashTa mukhagaNDabherunda narsimha is always passed down through secret small upAsaka groups ( mostly viravaishanavas ) so it is very difficult to find out any related stuff ins mantrashAtra compendiums. The texts related to ashTa mukhagaNDabherunda narsimha are almost kept hidden from adikshita folks and persons initiated in some other mantra. From fragments of such a text I’m posting “sharbha kruta ashTa mukhagaNDabherunda narsimha stava ” for common welfare of upAsakas & for preservation of such a very rare stuti of asThAsya gaNDabherunda swAmI .
Uploading…ॐ नमो भगवन्विष्णो आदिवैकुण्ठनायक | परात्पराय देवाय परेशाय नमो नमः ||१||
परब्रह्माय विश्वाय विश्वनाथाय ते नमः ||१-१/२||
परमात्माय गुह्याय जगज्जननहेतवे | सृष्टि स्थित्यन्त रूपाय आदि भूताय ते नमः ||२||
नमस्ते नारसिंहाय गण्डभेरुण्डरूपिणे | नमस्ते व्याघ्रवक्राय सर्वदुःख विनाशिने ||३||
नमस्ते अश्ववक्राय सर्वविद्याप्रदायिने | नमो वराहवक्राय सर्वसम्पत्प्रदायिने ||४||
नमो वानरवक्राय सर्व शत्रुविनाशिने |
नमो गरुड़वक्राय दुष्टपन्नगहारिणे ||५||
नमो भल्लुकवक्राय शत्रुस्तम्भनकारिणे | अष्टास्य गण्डभेरुण्डरूपाय शीघ्रगामिने ||६||
कल्पान्तकालनिर्घोषगर्जितायोग्ररूपिणे | अनेककोटि शरभभक्षणाय महात्मने ||७||
द्वात्रिंशत्कोटिहस्ताय द्वात्रिंशायुधधारिणे | महते भीमरूपाय नारसिंहाय ते नमः ||८||

|| श्री अष्टमुखगण्डभेरुण्डनृसिंहकल्पे ब्रह्मसनत्कुमारसंवादे शरभशिवकृत स्तवस्सुसंपूर्णं ||
( footnote – The manuscript reads vakra but correct Sanskrit term is vaktra , being loyal to manuscript i have posted readings of manuscript only. ) 

5 thoughts on “|| अष्टमुखगण्डभेरुण्डनृसिंह स्तव: ||

  1. Dear Sri Animesh

    Very much delighted to see posting of Sri Ashtamukha Gandabherunda Narasimha Stavam; as you have mentioned, there are many anekamukha, pratimukha mantras of this form is hidden and very tightly kept as secret. Though the intention of those who are keeping this top secret is to prevent misuse of it but after few decades, when their generations are not into practice, pursuing materialistic career, they will fail to understand its value and it will disappear in total one day. If such things happen it is a great loss to manusha vargam, which we should avoid. Purpose of this jivatma is to preserve old scriptures and put them into practice. A person who has realised the value of mantra, veda, tantra only can dedicate his time, energy and life for preserving such great treasures. You had given us a great treasure, what else we need. Your service is really appreciable. Wish you long life with all prosperity.

    Warm regards
    Narayanan K.S.


  2. Dear Shri Animesh

    Wonderful work.

    aNeka Koti Sharaba bakshanaaya – indicates Narasimha kills many Sharabas in line with Vaithika Nirnaya.

    However, Kanda berunda is not much popular in vaithika kriya but amongst Tantrik, who has difference of opinion on this.

    If you have any more details to share on this, be it Stuti or Stava or any text to clarify, it would be very helpful

    with thanks and regards


    • Namaste ,

      Gandabherunda is tantrika deity so even hoping of his deployment in vaidika karma is like vandhyAputra. According to gandabherunda kalpa shiva in form of sharabha killed narsimha and mahAvishnu took form of gandabherunda to kill sharabha . Actually both shiva and narayana were cursed by bhrigu maharshi to become vichitra pashu rupa so for shApAnugraha both did this lilA . No shaiva vs vaishnava or vice versa element .When ashTAsya mahapakshIrAja will allow I will post the gandabherunda avatarna katha ( mula Sanskrit text from kalpa ) .
      Jay ambE


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