svara marking of paippalAda samhitA

It is commonly misunderstood that paippalAda shAkhA of atharvan veda lacks vedic savars. In  actuality about 70 percent of paippalAda samhitA had lost it’s svara yet 30  percent part preserves   orignal svara .{ I am not including the part which is either found in saunaka samhitA or in any other vedic samhitA , if we accounts this we can restore about 40- 45 percent part with svara of  paippalAda samhitA .Orissan version ( utkala pAtha ) of paippalAda samhita lacks svaras about completely, it’s kashmira version( kashmira pAtha ) where we get orignal svaras of paippalAda shAkhA. }
Svara marking of paippalAda samhitA is unique in it’s way .
paippalAda samhitA possesses 4 svaras.
1) udAtta
2) anudAtta
3) svarita
4) jAtya svarita

1) udAtta:-
This is the natural or inherent accent in a word. Traditionally it is rendered as middle pitch. udAtta may be signaled especially in atharvan traditions by raising the hand.  In paippalAda samhitA it is marked as line above the letter.( upper vertical bar )


2) anudAtta :-
It is rendered in low pitch. In paippalAda samhitA it is indicated by line below the letter. ( lower vertical bar )


3) svarita :-
It is rendered in high pitch on short vowel. In atharvan tradition long vowel svarita-s are rendered as an elongation or duplication in an elevated pitch. In paippalAda samhitA
it is marked as a dot below the letter.


4) jAtya svarita
It is denoted by a symbol of right below the letter. It is recited like any other svarita  depending on whether a short or long generated by the sandhi.


A mantra with orignal svaras from paippalAda samhita ( PS  1.22.1 ) is given below.

mantra from paippalAda shAkhA

The same mantra in saunaka samhitA  ( AV 1.31.1) is


Since orissan version of paippalAda samhita lacks the svaras so the reciters from orissA chant the paipalAda samhitA in ekashrutI svara i.e. in single pitch mode of recital.Vedic lineage of Kashmir got distorted ,so not a single reciter is there in Kashmir of paippalAda shAkhA
but a portion with savars is available in Kashmir version of it. The Vedic texts studied in Kashmir at the time are known from the quotations contained in jayanta Bhatta’s Nyåyamañjari They include texts from all the four Vedas.  The atharvan veda was very well known at the time, not in shaunak form but in the paippalAda form ,apparently it still was recited with svaras at that time. Some of its later texts were also studied, and the atharvavedins were proud to have a special initiation; only someone having undergone it, was allowed to study their texts.

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