UpAsanAmurtIs of goddesses dhUmAvatI

Following is a comprehensive list of several UpAsanAmurtIs  of  dhUmA-bhagvaty based on kAlamrityu tantra , dhUmravArAhI kalpa , saubhAgya dhUmAvatI kalp, Ugra dhUmAvatI kalp, kubjikopnishada , saubhAgya kAnda of atharvan veda ( also known as mahAtharvan samhitA )  and personal conversation with sAdhakas of kAkadhwajI.

1) kAka-dhUmAvatI
2) mohinI dhUmikA
3) UchchAtana dhUmikA
4) trailokya mohinI dhUmAvatI
5) Ugra dhUmAvatI
6) saubhAgya dhUmAvatI
7) dhUmravArAhI
8) dhUmrAstra rupiNI
9) rAvanopAsitA murtI
10) meghanAdopAsita murtI
11) AdInAthopAsita murtI
12) charpatbhanjana nAtha        Upasita murtI
13) dattAtreyopAsita murtI
     ( avdhUtopAsita murtI )
14) kAkachandesheshwarI
15) vidvaishana dhUmAvatI
16) jyeshThA dhUmikA
17) kAkarUdha dhUmAvatI
18) raTharUdha dhUmAvatI
19) dhUmrAkshI murtI
20) vAtsalya dhUmAvatI
21) dandahastA dhUmAvatI
22) shurpahastA dhUmAvatI
23) shivabhakshiNI mahAUgra dhUmAvatI
24) shAbar dhUmAvatI
25) vairAgya dhUmAvatI
26) Atharvan dhUmAvatI
27) pashchimAmnAya     kubjikAangabhuta dhUmAvatI
28) UrdhvAmanAya dhUmAvatI


kAlamrityu tantra  in conversation between shiva and skanda kumAra  describes  UpAsana of  kAka-dhUmAvatI, mohinI dhUmikA ,UchchAtana dhUmikA, trailokya mohinI dhUmAvatI and vidvaishana dhUmAvatI .


saubhAgya dhUmAvatI kalp and Ugra dhUmAvatI kalp describes UpAsana of Ugra dhUmAvatI and saubhAgya dhUmAvatI. dhUmravArAhI
and dhUmrAstra rupiNI are described in dhumravArAhi kalpa and partially in kAlamrityu tantra .A combination of vArAhi and dhUmAvatI is described.


Yantras , gurUkrama , mantras, and several prayogas  of  Atharvan dhUmAvatI are described in mahAtharvan samhitA but unfortunately text is lost only mantroddhAra  and yantroddhAra of atharvan dhUmAvatI are preserved in my tradition. kAkarUdha dhUmAvatI is described as sitting on crow and raTharUdha dhUmAvatI is described as sitting on old and damaged chariot  mulamantra is same in both cases but dhyAnas differ.




dandahastA dhUmAvatI is employed in case of deha kilana ,shatrU tAdana and shurpahastA dhumAvatI is employed in dhananAsha  and dAridryakarna prayogas.
shivabhakshiNI mahAUgra dhUmAvatI is employed in pretabAdha , bhutabAdha , pishAchabAdha , dakinI dosha , sarpa dosha , shAkinI dosha , graha kilan , shatrU nAsha , shatrU mArana , para krita praypga nAsha and tantra bhakshana.


dhUmrAkshI murtI is described in  devImahtmya , she is adhyAyadevatA of durgAsaptashatI. rAvanopAsitA murtI
,meghanAdopAsita murtI , AdInAthopAsita murtI , charpatbhanjana nAtha        Upasita murtI and  avdhUtopAsita murtI are due to mantrabheda and UpAsaka bheda .

सुर्पहस्ता विजयते

In vAtsalya dhUmAvatI rupA she is to be worship by pautrabhAva ( as a grandson of devI ) , this most saumya murtI of ambA. shAbar dhUmAvatI is worshipped by siddhAs and siddhamArgis ( nAtha yogis ) , generally in their dhunI  in form of smoke . jyeshThA dhUmikA and kAkachandesheshwarI forms are generally worshipped by kApalikas, aghoris and kaulas. image

pashchimAmnAya    kubjikAangabhuta dhUmAvatI
and UrdhvAmanAya dhUmAvatI are UpAsanamutIs due to AmnAya bheda , in pashchimAnAya she is employed for shatrU samhAra and svarakshA but in contrast UrdhvAmanya  employs her in kundalinI jAgrana , karmabhakshana and tivravairAgya. image

जयतु धूमाभगवती

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4 thoughts on “UpAsanAmurtIs of goddesses dhUmAvatI

  1. Namaste
    Can you please clear one doubt regarding her dhyan mantra starting with “Atyuccha …………….mantreena(ending)”.
    So according to this dhyan its not given whether she is sitting on a chariot or on a crow. Neither its given what she is holdings in her hands or showing any mudras. So how do we proceed in this dhyaan.
    Should we visualise her standing, with hands by her sides along with the visualisation given in the dhyaan shloka?


    • Namaste ,
      Although in this case one should use ‘samAhAra vidhi’ but
      One should learn
      such secrets from guru who initiated in the mantra. Mahavidya upasana should not be carried out by reading books or internet …can be dangerous in case of dhumavati


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