kAthak sandhyAvandan prayoga

SandhyAvandana is a basic ritual that a brAhman should observe  after upanayan till death .The tradition of kaThas ( kashmiri brAhmans )
) is  declining fast.
I have used a ritual manual of satIsara vidwAns for this study.
There are several akshara ashuddhis ( peculiarities due to pronunciation ) in manual .Yet I have not corrected them because they are due to pronunciation “what they pronounce they had written that with out concerning authentic text ” .
SandhyAvandan of kaThaka yajurvedins have been described at last with instructions in Hindi for every step.
The mantras used in
are from kAThaka samhitA and are unaccented.
A small tantric influence is also there. I was unable to trace any authentic source for this kAthaka sandhyA prayoga .Only tradition followed by satIsara brAhmans
( satIsara brAhmans are one among subdivisions of kashmiri brAhmans ) was source for this prayoga .
I’m also not aware of any variation due to family traditions, region , subdivision among kAthakas .
Even kashmiri brAhmans have peculiar names for this steps which are against the standard names and are quite misleading and confusing.( for example they use word tarapan for dropping the water i.e. vinIyoga )
This peculiarities are due to not well preserved written text and consciousness living tradition.







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4 thoughts on “kAthak sandhyAvandan prayoga

  1. I can only wish I had the kind of access to ritual manuals that you possess. I have always wanted to know more about the not so mainstream Yajus Shakhas. And this article on kAthaka SandhyopAsana Vidhi was wonderful! Every Brahmana sub-clan is a rare gem in itself, having its own ancestral peculiarity. Thank you for helping preserve these beautiful traditions!


      • Many apologies for the delayed reply. Was busy and did not check mail I have no issues with sending you my mail address. Unfortunately, due to security reasons, I can’t put it out here. I will just copy the pictures of the sandhya vandanam you have posted here, if that is good with you. Please continue this wonderful work and may the devarishipitrus bless you!


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